The wireless OMBRELLO® wall drying system dries damp walls by means of electro-physical processes. It prevents the absorbency of building walls and transports the moisture that is penetrating from the side or rising from below as the result of capillary effects back into the soil.


OMBRELLO® is based on electrical and magnetic principles. Due to the emission of electromagnetic waves (long waves) at different frequencies, the frequency range on the building wall is changed so that the tension forces required for the rising capillary damp can no longer occur. Several frequency generators produce the necessary oscillations in the kHz and MHz ranges. The waves are emitted by transmitter coils.

The transmission power of our wall drying system is lower than one-billionth of a watt (1 nanowatt). For this reason OMBRELLO® does not generate any electrosmog and does not emit any radiation, which could be dangerous for humans, animals or plants. All our devices comply with EMC standards (electromagnetic compatibility).

Our technology works with any type of building structure and does not require any prior alterations, as other systems do. Sand, brick, natural stone, hybrid and concrete walls, as well as wood and other natural materials can be dried with OMBRELLO®.