The OMBRELLO® wall drying systems are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. With our many years of experience and close customer contacts we are able to modify our products in response to customer and market requirements and continuously further their development.

OMBRELLO® is supplied for four different building sizes. This permits the generation of the optimum process range depending on the layout and extent of the area that has suffered damage.

The drying results are documented in detailed measuring logs. Documentation is possible by setting measuring points and monitoring the drying progress with the aid of two independent, scientifically recognised measurement methods. The resulting measurement logs serve as a basis for the drying guarantee that we give our customers.

After installation of OMBRELLO®, two subsequent measurements are taken after six and eighteen months. All these services are included in the purchase price. OMBRELLO® is completely silent and maintenance free, and it only requires a 230-VAC mains power socket.


Name Diameter Circular area Square Square area Housing size in mm
Ombrello R7+ 14 m 154 9.9 m 98.0 185 x 242 x 115 (WxHxD)
Ombrello R14+ 28 m 616 19.8 m 392.1 220 x 290 x 140 (WxHxD)
Ombrello R24+ 48 m 1810 33.9 m 1152.3 220 x 290 x 140 (WxHxD)
Ombrello R48+ 96 m 7239 67.9 m 4609.4 220 x 290 x 140 (WxHxD)