Our Solution

Our solution for the sustainable drying of buildings is called OMBRELLO® – a small device with amazing effects. It stops moisture penetrating from the side or rising from below due to capillary effects, transports it back into the soil and therefore acts as a protective shield for your property.

Our solution offers a wide range of advantages in comparison to other processes:

  • OMBRELLO® was developed and manufactured in Switzerland – our product is of the very highest quality.
  • OMBRELLO® eliminates the source of the moisture in the damp walls instead of only concealing the symptoms – our solution is of sustainable design.
  • OMBRELLO® works with any type of building structure.
  • No structural or chemical measures are necessary.
  • Our solution does not produce any electrosmog and is environmentally friendly.
  • OMBRELLO® is very energy efficient – the annual costs for electrical power range from CHF 8 to CHF 10.
  • We are at your side throughout the entire process, from the analysis of the cause of the damp until the building has been completely dried.
  • We have been giving a dehydration and dryness maintenance guarantee since 1992.


Before – After Photos