Drying results guaranteed

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of wall drying systems and the success of OMBRELLO®, we have been able to give our customers a dryness guarantee since 1992. If your building is not dry within a period of three years after installation, we will remove the wall drying system and refund 100 percent of the purchase price.

Unlike other suppliers, we do not agree with you on an individual target value that our wall drying system must reach for your building to be considered dry, but adhere to a material moisture balance value of below six percent, which we guarantee will be reached with the OMBRELLO® wall drying system.

In addition, we remain by your side after the OMBRELLO® has been installed. When the device is put into operation, we measure the moisture levels on the basis of two different, independent methods to monitor the drying process. The initial wall moisture content values are recorded when the OMBRELLO® is switched on, the first control measurement is taken after six months of operation and the second after 18 months. The values are measured and recorded together with the customer.

After this 18-month period, 90 percent of all home-dry® buildings will already be dry. Should this not be the case with your building, we take a third set of measurements after 30 months operation. We guarantee the wall moisture readings will be reduced to the equilibrium moisture content of below six percent by weight no later than 36 months after the OMBRELLO® has been put into operation.

We make sure your building is dry – guaranteed and in the long term!