Werner Wild

Founder, CEO

“As the founder and CEO of home-dry® gmbh I have been working in the building drying sector since the eighties. After my technical training, I worked with my father on finding a method for treating damp walls. After many years of research and development, I have succeeded in finding a sustainable and efficient solution that creates and guarantees a dry and pleasant atmosphere in the home – the OMBRELLO® wall drying system.”




Daniela Wild

Founder, COO


“Since home-dry® gmbh was founded, I have been managing the business operations and coordinating the planning of the operational processes. With my commercial training I have always very much enjoyed dealing with customers and business partners. The close customer contact and organisation of the business still enrich my work at home-dry® gmbh today.”



Karin Schläpfer

Back Office









home-dry Denmark
Peder Nielsen

home-dry Florida
Edward & Chris Cook

home-dry Mallorca
Frank Grigull

Anders Paulsen
home-dry Norway
Anders Paulsen

home-dry Portugal
Hugo and Diogo Matos