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Damp or wet walls in a house or cellar, mouldy smells in buildings and mildew in the home – these can all be prevented. home-dry® gmbh specialises in treating damp walls (internal and external) and cellars.

Our technology for the treatment of damp in buildings guarantees dry walls, laying the foundations for dry and cosy homes. Crumbling plaster, salt efflorescence, damp patches on walls and mildew are soon a thing of the past.

We make sure your building is dry – guaranteed and in the long term.

home-dry® gmbh is an international supplier of high-quality Swiss products and system solutions for drying building structures. Our products and services are held in high esteem by specialists and users, thanks to their high quality and resulting long service life. Our dehydration and dryness maintenance guarantee ensures a sustainably dry, high-quality living environment and building efficiency.

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